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Fringe Custom Chaps

Fringe Western Wear and Leather Work specializes in custom chaps for working Cowboys & Cowgirls, pleasure riders and competitive riding. Email us if you are looking for other purchases involving custom tack.

For custom silver work the contact is Richard Tenisch. His phone number is (250)-378-0936, and website can be found here.

"Anybody who uses passion and imagination to create something beautiful is an artist."


A) Waist: measure around your hips where you would like your chaps to hang.
B) Thigh: measure at crotch around your thigh.
C) Length: measure from your waist measurement to however long you would like your chaps to be. Examples: middle of your calf or just above your boot. Fringe length is included in the total length. Fringe length examples: 4", 6", 8", 10" or none.
D) Drop: measure from your waist to your thigh measurement.
E) Center of thigh to out seam: measure from the center of your thigh to the out seam of your jeans.
F) Waist to floor: measure from your waist measurement down the middle of your jeans to the floor. (for shotguns)
G) Knee: measure around your knee.
H) Thigh to knee: measure from your thigh measurement down to your knee measurement.
I) Calf: measure around the thickest part of your calf.
J) Inseam: From crotch to floor.

Remember measure over the jeans you would usually wear. Use a soft seamstress measuring tape, do not pull the tape tight or allow extra room. We want your chaps to fit perfectly. Have someone else measure for you.


Name Base Price
Chinks 350.00
Shotguns 400.00
Amritas 375.00
Batwings 350.00
Name Optional Price
Tooled Belt 60.00
Stitched on Fringe 25.00
Saddle Leather Liner on Fringe 25.00
2 Tone Fringe 45.00
Concho Set 45.00
Farrier/Vet chaps 200.00
Kids Chaps 250.00

Email or phone to place an order. We accept VISA, Mastercard and Debit.

"Just wanted to say thank you for the awesome chinks, they are beautiful"

- Tim Thomas